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Hi everyone! I have to say, I do not envy my male friends having to go through the turmoil of choosing an engagement ring for their girlfriends. It must be quite daunting, and the terror of her not liking it...
Diamonds are one of the most classic and timeless choices used for engagement rings by couples for decades. Before you do the same, it’s best if you actually take the time to weigh its pros and cons. This information will help you determine whether or not a diamond engagement ring is perfect for y
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June weddings have a lot going for them. The weather is warm and inviting, the roads are free from snow and ice, and the world is ripe with vendors and venues vying for your attention.  However, that being said, there are a host of couples who opt for a stunning winter wedding instead. These
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When you’re a bride, you have a lot on your plate. You have to figure out your venue, find the perfect dress, get a makeup artist, choose food, invite guests and — well, you get the idea. However, one part of your wedding planning that you shouldn’t forget about is getting gifts for your bride
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One of the most important aspects of your wedding day is photography. The images captured that day will be a visual reminder of the highlights of your nuptials. Ever seen an old couple grinning from ear to ear as they show off their wedding album? Well, that's what you should aim for- a wedding
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The average wedding in Ireland costs €21,000, with 44% of couples shouldering the cost on their own. With such a large expense, it would be a shame to have a run-of-the-mill reception that was barely memorable. Instead, go for something special that guests will talk about for years af
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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Stonechat Jewellers, who specialise in handcrafted bespoke rings, have carried out a detailed survey which captures current engagement ring trends. The results are truly surprising – they highlight just how far romance and marriage have come in recent years. From p
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  The Details How did you and your partner meet? WHEN: January 2012 WHERE: Virgin Active, Islington, London UK HOW: To explain how, I first need to give you a little bit of a back story…. Both Hal & I were working for Virgin Active (a gym chain in the UK), but at d
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How to Plan a Destination Wedding Tying the knot in a faraway place is becoming more popular each day; one in every four weddings is now a getaway ceremony. Not only does a destination wedding bring a unique touch to your nuptials, but it also gives your guests a chance to visit a new city or
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Besides being the bride’s maid or maid of honour, you have been given the no small task of planning the hen party. And you are probably wondering if you have what it takes to pull it off. This can definitely take you to your wit’s end especially if it’s your first time planning such an event. Fo
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“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person,” said journalist Mignon McLaughlin, and she is correct. Your wedding will be the start of an epic adventure, but that doesn’t mean it’s where the love first began. Use a unique wedding memory display to capture
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