Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring

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Hi everyone!

I have to say, I do not envy my male friends having to go through the turmoil of choosing an engagement ring for their girlfriends. It must be quite daunting, and the terror of her not liking it must be truly awful. But I think there are some clues us girls give out that could help them decide…

Starting with myself, I am quite a “blingy” girl. I love anything that sparkles and will wear jewellery almost every day, from subtle stud earrings to big sparkly necklaces. Any guy who has laid eyes on me would probably be able to guess that my engagement ring will have to be SPARKLY.

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I think the first thing a guy needs to think about is whether his girlfriend is the type of girl who gladly washes up, does gardening, and is generally happy to get her hands dirty. If so, a big diamond might just annoy her and get in the way of her hobbies and interests and she’ll get quite fed up from having to take it on and off all the time. Perhaps a more subtle ring is best for her, and you could even avoid going for the solitaire and try to find one that doesn’t have stones that stick out too much (but the stone(s) MUST be there!!).

Other girls might think the bigger the diamond the better, but even though I’m generally of that opinion myself, remember girls, the chances are you’ll have to wait a looong time for him to save up for that monster diamond ring. So ask yourself, what’s more important: getting engaged to the man of your dreams or getting a diamond as big as the Ritz?

To get some true personality in there you could go for something that’s unique and really reflects HER. Do you know her birthstone? Has she got a favourite colour or favourite antique jewellery shop? Is her personal style modern or retro? If she loves the 50’s you could get her a ring from that era or a ring in the 50’s style.

It is a bit of a jungle out there but if you guys know your girlfriends you shouldn’t have any problems choosing!! Has anybody just got engaged and want to share engagement ring stories here? I would love to hear from you as always.

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