Honeymoons are the topic of the day! My friend (who just got engaged) and I were speaking about her honeymoon, as she is just in the process of deciding where she wants to go, not only does she have to organise the wedding but she gets the task of planning a honeymoon as well. I think a honeymoon is a rite of passage to newlyweds, without a honeymoon you don’t get the full wedding experience. Although you have your wedding day, the honeymoon is something that only the bride and groom share, and the best thing is you can’t have one without the other! Double bonus.


When you think of honeymoons, you think idyllic settings, peaceful atmosphere and privacy, as well as high price luxury. Anyway we got on to talking about dream honeymoons, no maximum spend, no allotted time limit. My friend said she’d love to go to Hawaii. It was the first place they visited as a couple, so is special to them, which is why she especially wants to go back. Hawaii ticks all the boxes when it comes to honeymoons, and is a popular place to visit for newlyweds. However I like to think outside the box, which leads me to Thailand, which would be my chosen destination, and more specifically the islands, which one exactly I’m not entirely sure. However I would need a wedding to even have a honeymoon, so we’ll make that decision when it comes to it. But for now we can day dream.

urlThailand may seem like an unusual place to honeymoon, usually stereotyped to be full of backpacking students, crazy tuk tuks, foreign food and bartering markets, nevertheless that’s why I love it, it’s not just full of all the above but also wonderful sandy beaches, and serene atmospheres. It’s got culture there are sights to see and activities to do, whether that’s snorkelling, riding an elephant or doing a couples cooking class. It’s a place where life long memories can be made. Plus I have always wanted to go, and to go with my Prince Charming (when I find him) I think it would be perfect!

Thailand-Beach (1)

The world is your oyster, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to honeymoons and weddings…I could contemplate for hours about the whole thing, and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing until my next post.



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