It’s Not What You Wear, But Why you chose it – Choose Wisely

I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover.’ As a quick reminder, this simply means that we can’t determine the quality, or content, of something just by looking at it. It’s a good lesson, and I think most people have a decently easy time doing this, except when it comes to people.
When it comes to people, this logic goes out the window and is replaced with the more common ‘you are what you wear’ type of thinking. One day, both thoughts will line up and be consistent across all situations, but for now, it is important to realize, what you wear really does influence people’s perception of you.Jackie O Style Blazer with Tailored Dress with Back Detail
It’s true and you know it. If you have any doubt, think of your latest pictures on Instagram, Facebook, or social media. Are you just wearing any old thing or do you select the photos where you’re dressed nicely, make up done, and wearing the perfect outfit?
You don’t need to glam it up every day, no one has the time for that. But with a few statement pieces, vintage pieces, and classic tops, you’ll at least always come off favourably in the eyes of any passerby.

The look that never fails

If you’re in doubt and don’t have time to put together a more elaborate outfit, go for the simple chic look. Research has shown that a woman wearing tailor-made, classic attire is deemed smart, confident and successful by strangers.

Master the look

Get some inspiration for the upcoming season by examining your current wardrobe. If it needs a little facelift, start by getting rid of all the clothes you haven’t worn in the past year and a half, and try browsing through boutique online sites for inspiration.

A few tips for your search

Quality in the place of quantity

We are women, and seems like having too much of everything is part of our DNA. I know I’m guilty of this at least.
off the shoulder assymetrical top When you change your mind set to “why you’re wearing something” instead of “what you’re wearing,” it will be easy to invest in quality attire, instead of whatever the latest fashion trend is.
Look at the collection in your wardrobe and think about changing it for the better. Make a pile of your must haves- this includes shoes, dresses, tops, blouses, blazer, trousers, watches and accessories. Try not to give into sentiment, but think practically.
With the rest of your clothes, sort out the items that are worn, torn, or no longer fit. They’re to go to the bin or to be donated.
Lastly, tackle the pieces you have left. Hopefully, you’ll already be in the culling mindset, so it will be easier to say goodbye to some of your no longer needed items.


The easiest way to make sure you look put together is by having a handful of versatile pieces that go with anything. A pair of slacks, go-to blazer, and a day to night dress will get you far.
Dressing well will be a breeze when you can put just about anything in your closet on and instantly achieve the look you desire.

Comfy and Form Fitting

I know I said that people judge you by how you dress, but you it doesn’t have to be a choice of fashion over comfort, or comfort over fashion. If you love heels, wear them. If you enjoy intricate tops, go for it. But if you don’t, there is no need for alarm. Don’t be miserable for the sake of others.
The number one rule to dressing well is finding clothing that fits you well and that you feel comfortable moving around in. VANEO is an up and coming clothing line that specialized in quality, comfortable pieces, for women on the move. They’re highly recommended.


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